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Dongxu Hydraulic × PTC ASIA 2019丨Perfect Ending!

Driven to be SMART

In October, The 24th Asian International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (PTC Asia) was held in Shanghai.


DONGXU Hydraulic and international well-known enterprises, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, start-up enterprises, and more than 90000 professional visitors from more than 70 countries, go to Shencheng together, bright industry!



In the past 18 years, DONGXU Hydraulic has not forgotten its original intention and devoted itself to the creation of craftsmanship and quality. The products have been upgraded in an all-round way. Popular products such as: air cooler, water cooler, bell housing, star coupling, oil tank clean cover, etc. have appeared in PTC ASIA 2019!





Popularity Has Exploded in Dongxu’s Booth

Dongxu hydraulic’s stand and excellent products not only focus on the eyes of many audiences, but also attract many technical friends from the same industry to visit and exchange. It’s no use saying more. You may as well enjoy the wonderful photos on site!


▲Dongxu President Ms.Lee is Interviewed by TV Station

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▲On-site Discussion

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▲Dongxu Staff and Audience Were Communicating Products

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▲Products Are Favored and Concerned by Foreign Customers

微信图片_20191103142458 微信图片_20191103142502 微信图片_20191103142505
▲On-Site Scanning WeChat and Gift Giving

Let Dongxu be well-done, well known and well loved in the world!!

Dongxu Hydraulic hereby thanks the organizer of the exhibition for providing such a good platform to display our products. At the same time, it also enables us to recognize friends from all over the world, to exchange and learn together, and to create a bright future of China’s power transmission and control technology!

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We are dedicated to the details, with a craftsmanship to create crafts, constantly upgrading products, committed to providing customers with higher quality products! We have been working hard to forge ahead and help “Made in China” to a new level!

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Dongxu Hydraulic x PTC ASIA 2019 has come to an end!!

Thanks all of you: ) See you again in 2020!!


Post time: Nov-03-2019

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